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LeMan Magazine | 9 May 2018 Cover

Muharrem İnce will visit Selahattin Demirtaş in prison.
Cartoon Dialogues- Do I lock the door until June 24...
Year/Week/Number: 2018/19/1374

Uykusuz Magazine | 10 May 2018 Cover

To reduce unemployment in Turkey.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/19/558

LeMan Magazine | 2 May 2018 Cover

It was revealed that on July 16, photographs of Serife Boz, who was announced as the hero of July 15, were taken on the cam. Members of the 15th of July Martyrs Association declared Boz a fraud.
Cartoon Dialogues- Aa Superman! .. + Who are you? - July 15 Hero! .. + Only I am not real, they draw me! - They made me up!
Year/Week/Number: 2018/18/1373

Uykusuz Magazine | 3 May 2018 Cover

After the decision of early elections, coal bags loaded on trucks in Diyarbakir were left at random in front of the doors. In the middle of spring, citizens were surprised by the distribution of coal.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/18/557