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Uykusuz Magazine | 29 March 2018 Cover

Doğan Media Group was sold to Erdoğan Demirören.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/13/552

LeMan Magazine | 28 March 2018 Cover

Erdogan: "From time to time, these Margins, which we see in their streets of Beyoglu, are able to remain as one of the colors of this country as long as they are standing by their edemas.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/13/1368

LeMan Magazine | 20 March 2018 Cover

AKP deputy Şamil Tayyar: There is a very serious Fetö Stock Exchange in Gaziantep. This has many parts of Turkey. Businessmen arrested from Fetö are released under the name of confessor, "giving millions of dollars."
Cartoon Dialogues- Is the defense ready? + Ready, sir.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/12/1367

Uykusuz Magazine | 22 March 2018 Cover

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, "the first priority on the subway will be the places where we get the most votes".
Caricature Dialogues- If you do not vote for us ...
Year/Week/Number: 2018/12/551

LeMan Magazine | 14 March 2018 Cover

UBER fight is growing!
Year/Week/Number: 2018/11/1366

Uykusuz Magazine | 15 March 2018 Cover

With the AKP and the MHP organizing the election alliance, the unsealed ballot was debated in the 2017 referendum.

"The horse passed the Üsküdar passed design was approved"

Cartoon Dialogues
- According to the new election law, unsealed votes will be valid and a horse will be kept at the beginning of each ballot!
- Now it's complete.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/11/550

Uykusuz Magazine | 8 March 2018 Cover

The design of the AKP, which plans to take heavy penalties to prevent child abuse, emerged. According to the new design, the penalty will be given to the name of the town where the case is experienced, the town, the school, or the residence.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/10/549

LeMan Magazine | 28 February 2018 Cover

Chemical castration against child abuse is also on the agenda.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/09/1364