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Uykusuz Magazine | 1 March 2018 Cover

Tayyip Erdogan gave a message to the scene with a little girl wearing a burgundy outfit during the conversation: "Here we have our burgundy berries and the Turkish flag is in her pocket, and if she is a martyr, she will cover the flag.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/09/548

LeMan Magazine | 21 February 2018 Cover

Ministers, especially President Tayyip Erdoğan, visited Kader Mısıroğlu, a tasseled fez, who had come to Ataturk before the war with the insults of the War of Independence.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/08/1363

Uykusuz Magazine | 22 February 2018 Cover

Nurettin Yildiz, a theologian known for her marriage at the age of six, said this time, "foreign relations" conditions may arise if a woman is alone in the elevator.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/08/547

LeMan Magazine | 14 February 2018 Cover

The trees in Maçka Park are removed and moved to Sarıyer.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/07/1362

Uykusuz Magazine | 15 February 2018 Cover

Diyarbakir forced to enter the house and rape alleged person was acquitted. The court showed that they were "acquainted" as a justification.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/07/546

Uykusuz Magazine | 8 February 2018 Cover

Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan, in his speech at the ICT event, interrupted by the interruption of the server robot, "Do your best," he said. Robot format was thrown off the microphone.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/545

LeMan Magazine | 31 January 2018 Cover

After the unemployed who burned himself in front of the Grand National Assembly, he became himself an unemployed person in front of Balıkesir Municipality.

Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/1360