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Uykusuz Magazine | 1 February 2018 Cover

Approximately 15 million vehicles were passed by Eurasia Tunnel in 2017, which is guaranteed an annual vehicle passing rate of 25.6 million vehicles. 10 million vehicles in the gap will be paid to the company by taxpayers.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/05/544

LeMan Magazine | 24 January 2018 Cover

- Afrin got into the air. + There's no movement on land ... - There is ... The land has started to work ... + Is my laptop heavy? - Ooooooo !! The corpses began to fall ...
Year/Week/Number: 2018/04/1359

LeMan Magazine | 17 January 2018 Cover

The local court considered the Constitutional Court's decision not to release the journalist!

Year/Week/Number: 2018/03/1358

Uykusuz Magazine | 18 January 2018 Cover

Minister Numan Kurtulmuş, "Tanzimat elites, Constitutional elites, the elite of the Republic of culture and art from the nation kidnapped, Tchaikovsky, and I thought we would become a nation to listen to." said.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/03/542

LeMan Magazine | 10 January 2018 Cover

Hunters Coffee- The bear was 500 pounds. The tail, like six meters. I attacked it, it escaped ...
- I said do not run, come on.
+ Mr. Minister, we have taken the hunting stories to your cadres.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/02/1357

Uykusuz Magazine | 11 January 2018 Cover

Tayyip Erdogan, "Boğaziçi University has not been able to come to the international plenum because it is not in line with the values of this country and the nation" said.
Year/Week/Number: 2018/02/541

Bayan Yanı | January 2018 Cover

Hundreds of women were murdered in 2017! ... Thousands of harassment, violence, intervention in lifestyle ...!
Year/Month/Number: 2018/01/72

Bayan Yanı | December 2017 Cover

In the last 5 years, 1285 women have been killed. In the first 10 months of this year, 240 women and girls were raped by men, 72 women were raped, 286 girls were sexually abused, and 388 women were subjected to violence.

Year/Month/Number: 2017/11/71

Leman Magazine | 3 January 2018 Cover

Year/Week/Number: 2018/01/1356

Uykusuz Magazine | 4 January 2018 Cover

Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Cavusoglu pays the minimum wage: "In 2002, a person working with a minimum wage could get a zero car with 90 salaries and 1.4 motor power, but now he can get a zero car with 42 salaries."

Year/Week/Number: 2018/01/540